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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Prelude to the Real Stuff (Tutorials on Programming and Such)

Hi, so where should I start.

Recently I began working with a friend on a game for his newest short movie. Actually it started of as something like a Google doodle but ended up being a game of sorts. So i thought about sharing my experience on making such a thing with all the good people on the Interweb.

So basically it's a game that runs in the browser (using all the goodies of HTML 5 and JavaScript). If you like you can find the game here:

CLICK TO PLAY THE GAME (it's a work in progress).

You can also find the code of this version of the game on GitHub:

Screenshot  from the game

If you are intrested in the movie it is based upon here is the production blog of that one

So now to the more important stuff. From now on I will make a series of tutorials explaining how I made that  game (or a little bit simpler version of it) and give you all the source code as well so you can use it for your own projects. I guess this tutorials will be useful to get you started. In the future I plan to make more tutorials not based on this particular game but based on different games of different genres I will be making alongside you. I hope that it will be useful and that you like it.

So stay tuned for HTML and JavaScript galore.